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Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm EST
some complain food restrictions are unamerican. >> un-american, huh? we look forward to your hospital. >>> a new kind of adult drink is being whipped up. >> custard? >> and there you go. >> okay. >> it's baking its own drunken doughnut by pouring the liqueur into the donuts. they injected with all different jelly and liqueur flavors. the owner said the doughnuts are legal because when you cook, the alcohol is burned out still leaving the strong flavors behind. >> and i don't think i want to taste vodka-flavored custard donuts. >> are they making them? >> that is what the sign said on the picture, there you go. >> and i am reading, you're looking at the video. >>> let's check in with brian and see what is coming up. >> great time of the year for -- [ indiscernible ] >> actually all right. >> and those are fantastic. >>> a man convicted of murder. the dna not his. now, two jurors speak out after spending the wrong man to jail. and why d.c. has not certified his innocence. plus, national security figures go behind closed doors to discuss the deadly attack in ben ghazi aowner of a softwar
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1